A Technomark venture. In Power since 1986

MNS Associates, a group company, of Technomark Engineers India Pvt Ltd, is an acclaimed and independent Company in the field of Testing & Commissioning of Power Plants, Sub Stations and Process Plants since 1998.

Having it's base operations out of Cochin, we are a leading service provider in the Testing & Commissioning of Electrical Systems up to 400 KV class. Today, we serve many industries including Power, Steel, Oil/Gas, Infrastructure and Cement; covering Government, Public Sector and Private Sector Industries.

With a dedicated force of over 100 trained and Qualified T & C Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Technical Managers, Supervisors skilled trainees, within M.N.S Associates and its Group, the team to

  • Test and Commission electrical equipments up to 400KV class.
  • 3 Phase Relay testing, setting and coordination using state of the art OMICRON CMC - 356 Relay Test kit.
  • Annual Maintenance - Periodic Engineering and T & C contracts for Industries like Paper Mills, Process Plants, Sub stations & Switchyards etc.
  • Providing protection for Generators, Transformers, Feeders, Bus bars and Motors etc.
  • DC High Voltage Test on Cables.
  • Designing Earth mat layout.
  • Detailed Engineering including Supply, Installation and Energizing large scale MEP and EPC Projects.
  • EPC Contracts for 110 KV, 220 KV substations.
  • Erection of Transmission towers - 110 KV, 220 KV Multi circuit and Power Distribution Grid services.
  • Energy Audit and Energy Management Solutions.
  • Solar Power and Renewable Energy Consultancy.
  • Verify the proper functioning of the equipments/systems after installation.
  • Verify that the performance of the installed systems/installations meet with the specified design intent through a series of tests and adjustments.
  • Capture and record performance data of the whole system as baseline for future operation and maintenance.

In addition to being an ISO 9001: 2008 certified organization, the Company is also being audited and is also under the NABL accreditation process.

Our T & C Engineers are regularly trained and sent for industrial training to ensure the Company is equipped with wide ranging testing skills and will also have the experience in latest technologies.

The Company has invested into the state of the art and highly precise and competent testing equipments from global manufacturers to ensure our test results are binding and provide Energy efficient results.

Reports, Documentation and Deliverables

All inspection and T&C results shall be recorded in the Equipment Generated standard Test Record forms against each individual test.

All relays, post testing will be marked and labeled with details specifying Test date with the next due date to ease records. Our QA team shall complete and sign the Testing and Commissioning Report to the effect that the agreed T&C works have been duly carried out.

Power, being an integral component of development, proper Testing & Commissioning of your equipments is a vital requisite and thus the Company invests into time tested testing equipments to ensure we deliver precise calibrated reports by using latest technologies and also train our Engineers technically to deliver the best.

Partial List of Equipments
  • Universal tester OMICRON CMC - 356 Relay Test kit.
  • Insulation Tester, Automatic dielectric absorption ratio, Polarization index, step voltage, andDielectric Discharge Tester - Megger MIT 520/2 (5KV)
  • Primary Injection Kit up to 2500A
  • Secondary Injection Kit
  • Kit for Magnetizing Curve Test
  • Oil Test Kit
  • High Precision Digital Leakage Clamp Meters- and True RMS Digital Multimeter - Megger Make
  • Resistance/Capacitance/Inductance Meters
  • Time Travel Meter
  • Digital Contact Resistance Meter
  • Hipot Kit up to 60 KV
  • HV Test kit with HV Test Controller& Transformer Unit
  • Relay Testing Kits
  • Frequency Relay Test Kit
  • Analogue Multimeter
  • Phase Shifting Transformer
  • Phase Sequence Indicator
We do full range of tests for the following Installations
  • Transformers
  • Generators
  • Motors
  • Instrument Transformers
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Control Panels
  • All types of Relays
  • HT and LT Panels
  • Power and Control Cables
Power & Petroleum Plants
  • BSES Kerala Power Ltd.
  • Kerala State Electricity Board
  • Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.
  • Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.
Industries - Private & Public
  • Voltas Ltd.
  • Cochin Shipyard Ltd.
  • Tyco Electronics Ltd.
  • TATA Ceramics Ltd.
  • AVT Biotech Ltd.
  • Cochin Cements Ltd.
  • WB Project, Fort Cochin
  • Zahi Rubbers India Ltd.
  • Carborandum Universal Ltd.
  • Kerala Water Authority
  • Vaigai Thread Processors Ltd.
  • Sree Sakthi Paper Mills Ltd.
Contracting Companies
  • Universal Electricals Ltd.
  • Imperial Engineering Ltd.
  • Pozitive Power India Ltd.
  • JK Associates
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