Power T&D

“...To be able to provide engineering solutions, dedicated man power and contract expertise to the nation’s Power grid requirements “

With an increased demand for Power & Energy and the consumption forecasts predicting large energy production needs, Technomark ECCs committed Engineering team is keen to combine their skills to deliver customer-valued solutions to build smarter, more stable, more efficient and environmentally friendly electricity grids and sub stations nationwide.

With over 2 Decades of engineering expertise, we are well-positioned to meet the energy challenges of today and tomorrow. Technomark ECC is one of the very few licensed players in the
EHT Contracting sector to install test and commission substations upto 400 KV, erect electrical transmission and distribution lines and boasts technologies and expertise which have always ensured higher safety, reliability and capacity of power grids.

To meet the largely growing power demands and to help utilities and large electro-intensive industries such as railway, oil & gas and mining & metals to meet these growing energy demands and



challenges, our Project Delivery Team works hand in hand with our customers to develop pioneering tailored and competitive solutions.

Technomark ECC has extensive experience in Designing, Supplying, Installing, Testing and Commissioning of all sorts of Medium Voltage, High voltage and Extra High Voltage projects.

Blending two decades of field experience with Engineering Drawing and Designing Tools like AutoCAD, Microstation, ETAP etc. and equipped with the latest computer systems and work stations, our well trained and experienced design engineers having in depth knowledge of the latest national and international standards like BIS, IEEE, IEC etc, prepare detailed design calculations, drawings, sizing of equipment, cables etc. in house.

Technomark ECC has a well experienced and qualified team of highly professional Testing, Protection and Commissioning Engineers who are well versed in all the numerical relays/IEDs that use the latest communication protocols like IEC-61850, of all the major OEMs like ABB, Schneider, SIEMENS, AREVA etc.


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